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United Artists 1919


United Artists 1919


United Artists Pictures Logo 1967 c
This is the updated United Artists logo following the company's purchase by Transamerica Corporation.


United Artists 1968


United Artists 1976


United Artists logo 1982

Designed by Sandy Dvore. This print logo was prominently used outside North America on video releases through Warner; MGM's Leo the Lion logo was used for the most part.


United artists 1987

In 1987, was revised the ''U'' was separated and the ''A'' now cut and bigger.


United artists 1994 logo


UA 2001

This logo (used in theaters and online from 2000–2001) was ultimately a placeholder logo for the reintroduction and revitalization of the 1987 UA logo.


United Artists logo

After 7 years of absence, the 1987 logo returned, but the 'United Artists' text was changed to a different font. The print version of the logo was in use in tandem with the placeholder logo for the latter half of 2000 before being reintroduced on screen in 2001.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2012) remains the final film to be distributed by United Artists to date; with MGM being demoted to a co-distributor with Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and others, United Artists is no longer active as a distributor and remains solely as a production company.