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PIC Enterprises

1999-2005 (primary), 2005-2006 (secondary)

Pic logo 1995

PIC Enterprises plc was first formed in June 1999 following the merger of PIC Entertainment Group and Majesty Enterprises, in order to bring the original version PIC out of bankruptcy, retaining its trademark logo used since 1995.

PIC Entertainment


Pic logo

During 2005, PIC Enterprises changed its name to PIC Entertainment to reflect the corporation's expansion into financing its own movie slate.

The logo was then modified slightly, removing the globe that formed the dot in the 'i' in the company's name. The preceeding logo continued to be used on films produced by PIC until 2006.


Pic 2010s

PIC modified their logo again during 2009. This branding used the previous logo in a purple gradient box. The logo was designed by Lambie-Nairn.

In 2012, Microsoft accqired PiC, and the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.


Pic microsoft

Microsoft introduced a brand new logo for PIC during January 2013, in an attempt to bring the company's branding in line with Microsoft's new modern design language introduced in August 2012.


Pic 2017

The logo was refreshed by Microsoft in July 2016, with the 4-split box in the previous logo being replaced by a "P" combined with an "i" and a "C" in a blue circle. The rebrand came after its purchase of 9 Story Media Group a month prior.

Microsoft Media


Microsoft media

On August 1, 2018, PIC was rebranded as Microsoft Media, in order to closer associate itself with its parent company, and as part of a major restructuring of the company. This brought an end to the PIC brand after 29 years, and came after the company's purchase of independent film studio Bleecker Street a week ago.