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Independent Television 1955

ITV (first era)


ITV 1960's 1


ITV 1960's 2


ITV 1970's

ITV didn't use an official logo until 1989, but this logo was used on certain promos and merchandising throughout the 1970s.


ITV 1975


ITV 1980

Even though ITV still didn't use an official logo until 1989, this particular logo was used on various promos throughout the 1980s, as well as on the ITV Schools and ITV Telethon logos. Even though ITV stopped using this logo by 1989, its usage within ITV Schools stayed in use until 1993.


ITV 1989

On 4 September 1989, various ITV companies started using a new common identity. The identity was designed by English Markell Pockett and the ident featured music composed by David Dundas.

The ident started out with the logo of the local ITV franchisee, followed by various images and ended with the ITV logo. The "V" in ITV contained a triangle which would include a simplified version of the local franchise's logo.

However, the new identity wasn't mandatory and many ITV companies chose not to use it at all. Many only adopted some elements or dropped the common identity rather quickly:

  • TSW, Ulster TV, Anglia TV, Channel Television, TVS and Granada TV didn't adopt the new identity at all.
  • Scottish TV used the ident for a short period.
  • Tyne Tees TV used the ident until 1991, but continued using the music for its next ident.
  • London Weekend Television and HTV used the ident until 1992.
  • Thames TV used the ident until 1991, but ditched it after finding out they had lost their franchise. They had also modified it in 1990 due to a change of logo.
  • Border TV used the ident until 1993, but continued using the music for its next ident.
  • Yorkshire TV used 2 idents. the first one was until 1990 and the ident until 1994.
  • Grampian TV (now STV North) continued using the ident up until the launch of the new ITV network logo in 1998.
  • Central TV used the ident until 1992, but also made a couple of variants.


ITV logo 1998

In 1998, ITV started rebranding itself to improve on its image. This included the new slogan "TV From The Heart", created by HHCL & Partners. A new ITV logo which was created by English & Pockett, was introduced in 1998.

Most ITV franchises inititally continued using their own distinct regional identities, although some added the new logo to their idents.

New common idents for the ITV network were launched in 1999. The new idents had a common design, but were adapted for different regions. However, many franchises decided not to use the new identity. The franchises owned by Granada Media (Granada TV, LWT, Yorkshire TV and Tyne Tees TV) and United News and Media (Meridian, Anglia TV and HTV) as well as Border TV and Channel TV chose to adopt the new idents. The franchises owned by Carlton Communications (Carlton, Central TV and Westcountry TV) were all renamed "Carlton" a month earlier, but used the new ITV logo. Scottish TV, Grampian TV and UTV didn't adopt the new ITV logo at all.

The idents themselves consisted of a short filmed sequence, which ended with a heart-shape appearing, before fading to the franchise logo on top of a blue background made up of spinning hearts. In total, sixteen different sequences were shot.



ITV1 logo 2001

By 2001, all ITV franchises in England and Wales were owned by Carlton or Granada and they chose to rename the network "ITV1". The idents were adapted accordingly and the regional names continued to be used alongside the ITV1 logo. ITV was renamed ITV1 on 11 August 2001.


ITV1 2002

A new look for ITV1 was launched on 28 October 2002. With the launch of a new look, playout for all English regions was centralised to London and all regional names and identifications were dropped for national programmes. Regional identification still occured ahead of regional programmes.

The new look was designed was created by Bruce Dunlop and Associates, ending ITV's relationship with English&Pockett. The idents featured presenters from programmes on ITV1.


ITV1 logo 2004

With the launch of ITV3 on 1 November 2004, ITV1 got a new look. The logo was modified so the letters would be in separate boxes. Since the 2002 relaunch, it had been common for the ITV1 logo the animate on screen as four separate squares that were joined to form the ITV1 logo. With the new look, the boxes would remain separated, as had been the case with ITV2's new look the previous year.



ITV1 logo

A new look for ITV, ITV2 and ITV3 launched on 16 January 2006. It was created by Red Bee Media, this logo was short-lived.

This ended ITV's yellow and blue era, giving each channel a primary colour - yellow for ITV, limegreen for ITV2, maroon for ITV3 and teal for ITV4.

The new idents for ITV were based on emotions, with each ident showing four scenes associated with pride, joy, embarrassment, surprise or love. This logo was used for almost 10 months.

"ITV is capable of provoking reactions from everyone, reaching over 80% of the UK population each week. Its programming captures a range of human emotions and viewers feel connected as a result. The creative idea for the idents explores the richness of these emotions and how they can mean different things to different people. If you were to ask the ITV1 audience what made them happy, sad or embarrassed you’d get wonderfully different responses. The ITV1 logo opens out at the start of each ident to encapsulate the emotion in each scene and demonstrate that ITV1 brings you all these emotions in its programming. This logo device is also taken through into the on-screen design elements for the channel in a bold and clear design that ensures that the programming shines as hero." ITV plc press release


ITV1 logo 2

The identity was updated and the idents were replaced by new ones on 13 November 2006. The logo was changed slightly with the "ITV" lettering changing colour from white to black.

The new idents shows various scenes were yellow 3D objects, such as humming bird, fishes and moths, move around on the screen. The new idents were directed by Blink Production and Pleix with special effects by The Mill.[1] There were initially four idents, with two further idents added by the end of the year.

"The six idents capture the atmosphere in a variety of locations which evoke different moods - from a serene lake, to a vibrant marketplace, and an urban basketball court. The ITV1 'yellow' colour is then picked out within these locations in various forms. Scenes from these locations have also been used to create six break bumpers that help to punctuate the ITV1 junctions." - Press release

Four more idents were added on 3 September 2007, bringing the total number of idents to ten.[2]


ITV1 (New)

After the launch of ITV HD, an updated ITV logo and [3] was introduced on 9 April 2010, created in-house by ITV Creative. The new logo is launched with four new idents, directed by Blink Productions and Pleix.


ITV (second era)


ITV logo 2013

ITV1 was renamed back to ITV on 14 January 2013.