Channel Four Television

This colourful logo was used by Channel 4 from its launch on November 2, 1982.

On screen, the symbol would appear as computer animated blocks hurled onto the screen. It was designed by Lambie-Nairn and was accompanied by a tune, entitled "Fourscore", composed by David Dundas, which was so famous it would later be made into a (nowadays very rare) vinyl single credited to "The Airwave Orchestra". At the time, there was no computer that was able to animate the logo in the UK, so the animation was done in Los Angeles.


Channel 4 1996

In October 1996, Channel 4 launched a new identity which was created in-house by the television channel. The new identity was called "Connections" and was based on four circles, one of which included the Channel 4 figure.


Channel 4 1999

Easter 1999 saw Channel 4 introduce a new logo featured in a square usually shown on the right hand side of TV screens until 30 December 2004.


Channel 4

Channel 4 introduced a new identity on New Year's Eve 2004. The new identity was conceived in-house by 4Creative and allows the blocks in the logo to break apart.[1] In most graphics, the logo appears as above, white on white, with darker "shadowed" areas on the sides.

The new idents feature the logo made up of various objects. Usually, the camera will pan through a scene with the logo only appearing in a split second from a certain angle.

An updated graphics package was launched with new idents on October 22, 2010.


Channel 4 2015

On 29 September 2015, Channel 4 updated their logo to a variant of the 1982, 1996 and 1999 logos. No logo appears infront of new idents, bumpers, and on promos and end-boards as the nine blocks that make up the logo appear separately infront of new idents, bumpers, and on promos and end-boards instead. Two fonts were also created for the channel, 'Horseferry' and 'Chadwick'